The Craft Soda Revolution

It's here, it's happening and it's time to get on board. Craft sodas are here and the millennial generation is absolutely loving it.


We all remember the appearance of craft beer a few years ago. Consumers were crying out for something more inspiring on the shelf than your average beer brand, and producers listened. Along came quirky craft brands with an emphasis on flavour, character and humour that reverberated through a generation of young adults. Supermarkets quickly picked up on this and began to give shelf space to craft beers, fuelling the trend and targeting millennial shoppers.

Today, craft soft drinks are making waves in the drinks market in much the same way, and it’s soda brands who have all the power. 

Right now, the UK is sober-curious.Almost a fifth of UK drinkers say they are cutting down their drinking behaviours, 20.9% of the UK adult population don’t drink at all and 30% of customers in a pub or bar won’t be drinking alcohol. 

This goes hand in hand with the stats on health conscious UK citizens too, with 66% wanting lower sugar options. Young people are dramatically reducing their alcohol intake and are seriously looking for healthier alternatives to booze. Not to mention 57% of people say their choice of venue is influenced by the choice of low and non-alcoholic drinks on offer! So if you’ve noticed a drop in alcohol sales, its time to take a good look at your beverage range. 

The implications of these statistics are hugely impactful on businesses, but the adult soda market is reacting effectively. 73% of people want to see new and unusual flavours of drinks at the pub or bar, and this fact alone is met by the craft soda brands making noise right now.

Listening to the market needs and leading the craft soda uprising are brands like Dalston’s and Soda Folk. Quirky, innovative and constantly developing their recipes and product ranges, these brands, among others, are hitting the spot and they’re doing it well. 

Dalston’s markets a very attractive Vegan-friendly USP, giving them a huge gold star right now, and Soda Folk make their drinks using all natural ingredients, meaning they avoid sugar tax and appeal to those looking for a low sugar fizzy drink. 

More and more craft soda brands are taking over shelf space, and we at Drayman don’t think we’ll see this trend die down for a long while yet.

The only question that remains is; will you join the craft soda revolution?