Calogera Prosecco DOC


Prosecco is a sparkling wine found in the north east of Italy, located in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia wine Regions. The two regions are protected from the northern winds by the Alps and the Dolomites, but are also influenced by their proximity to the Adriatic Sea. Calogera Prosecco is an excellent representation of these conditions.

This is a stunning Prosecco. It has an abundant creamy fizz and appears bright straw yellow in the glass, with fine and lasting bubbles. Floral notes with ripe green fruit can be detected, accompanied with aromas of fetching stone fruit and acacia on the nose. The palate is incredibly fragrant and lively, with clean fresh apple & sweet peach, mingled with citrus. It finishes delicate and fresh with a lemon zest on the tongue, and very (almost dangerously) drinkable.

Lightly chill and serve with a strawberry. Best consumed young and served with different breads. This Prosecco is perfect for a late afternoon lunch.


  • Product Code: 40049
  • Country: Italy
  • Alcohol: 11 %