Penrhos Spirits

Herefordshire, England

Penrhos Spirits is brand dedicated to producing small batch, artisan spirits flavoured with their own orchard and farm botanicals. Here's their story:

"A chance conversation some years ago lead two farming families to join forces to grow fruit in the rolling hills of Herefordshire. With blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples and cherries planted we decided we wanted to create a product that bore our name and celebrated the flavours of our orchards and farm. After much thought we decided gin would be the ideal product to celebrate the wonderful landscape we farm and Penrhos Spirits was born.

A 250-year-old cattle shed was converted into the distillery and our magnificent 150-litre copper still purchased. After many evenings experimenting and tasting we arrived at a recipe we are proud of. Our first born is a London Dry. A wonderful mix of 14 botanicals including blueberries, cherry blossom and honey distilled with our own water. Our second creation is a Rhubarb gin. Pure rhubarb juice from a variety called Red Raspberry is added to the London Dry to create a sweet, tangy gin that is thoroughly drinkable. With more gins to be released shortly, the future is exciting." - Richard Williams & Charles Turner


Find out more about the Penrhos range:

Penrhos Dry Gin - Copper Distilled

A true classic. Penrhos's own blueberries, cherry blossom and honey combine with subtle flavours of pink pepper, cardamom and rose petals from the garden to create an extremely smooth fresh and pure gin.

The initial distinctive fresh summer aroma warms the mouth as the Mediterranean juniper stimulates the senses. Light unassuming floral notes lightly cascade through the flavours as the combination of rose petals and cherry blossom come to the fore. Combined with the Herefordshire blueberries, Penrhos Dry gives an exceedingly smooth and rounded finish.

To serve, take one balloon Stem Glass. Fill with plenty of ice. Slowly pour one part Penrhos Dry. Add three parts Fever Tree tonic water and add a slice of pink grapefruit.

Penrhos Rhubarb Gin - Copper Distilled

Penrhos Spirits' second born and a match made in heaven (well Herefordshire actually). A gorgeous pink and tangy gin made with 250ml of pure Raspberry Red Rhubarb juice blended with their own Penrhos Dry to create a memorable gin.

A tart burst of fresh rhubarb fills the palette before being replaced with soft citrus and herbal notes that complement the smoothness of the Penrhos Dry.

To serve, take a stem balloon glass and add plenty of ice. Gently pour one part Penrhos Rhubarb and three parts Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water or Ginger Ale. During the summer, garnish with a slice of stem rhubarb and in the winter add a spray of rosemary.

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