London, England, England


Dalston’s is a young London startup, on a mission to craft the best tasting softs that go back to basics; putting real ingredients back at the heart of their drinks. 

The brand was set up in an East London nightclub called Passing Clouds by Duncan O’Brien back in 2012. A former chef on the Orient Express, Duncan began blending, mashing and infusing the first drinks completely by hand using ingredients sourced from local markets. It turned out that satisfying Londoners’ thirst for lip-smackingly great soft drinks was very popular. Dalston’s quickly outgrew its first Brew Yard, waved goodbye and moved to a larger premises in 2016 – converting an old London archway into a Willy Wonka soda making haven. Even though the team no longer hand-delivers its drinks by bike, Dalston’s holds fast to the guiding values it started with, above all the need for integrity in the drinks-making process. To this day, each and every recipe is developed by hand by Duncan, before making its way into the wider world to quench the thirst of the people. 

The brand is named after the place Dalston, where the brand began and had its first Brew Yard.


  • Craft soft drink – big trend towards better quality ingredients – less often but higher quality 
  • British– consumer affinity with British brands 
  • Real ingredients – made with freshly selected fruits, roots and herbs blended with British spring water
  • Great tasting– distinctive clean adult flavours that aren’t sickly sweet
  • Natural- no nasty chemicals, additives or preservatives 
  • Less Sugar– all under 8g sugar levy threshold to meet the ‘permissible-treat’ need state.  
  • Eyes on calories – all the cans are <110 calories in total 
  • Point of difference flavours – unique and delicious nostalgic flavours like cherry, elderflower and ginger
  • Fully recyclable – increasing consumer demand to avoid plastic to help save our planet!
  • Proven to sell –rate of sale has held up to similar levels as mainstream brands in leading national retail, foodservice and on-trade outlets 

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$2 Hours
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$4 Seconds