Grands Chais De France

Petersbach, France

A philosophy shared by over 2,200 team members, together with their viticulturists and partners. A mutual passion that inspires their oenologists to cultivate their know-how and bring new life to Grand Chais de France's vibrant terroirs.

Their teams are made up of around forty technicians specialising in viticulture and oenology. Men and women at the cutting edge whose expertise is finely honed by a continuous search for perfection and technical prowess adapted to market requirements. 

The aim of Grands Chais is to develop and implement an eco-friendly policy involving the viticulturists and local stakeholders. With their teams, they are committed to adopting the best practices throughout the wine-producing process. This commitment aims at preserving the environment, working towards sustainable development and safeguarding resources for generations to come. 

Brands represented by Grands Chais de France include JP Chenet, Jelzin and Calvet. 

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