Treviso, Italy, Italy

Sentio was born to enable younger consumers and enthusiasts to rediscover the perfumes, colours, flavours and emotions of good wine. Sentio’s refined interpretation of Prosecco is intriguing and modern, with an original image which oozes quality. You’ll notice your interest is peaked just from looking at the label on the bottles, before you’ve even opened the bottle itself. The image of the ‘Goddess of Prosecco’ invokes an exclusivity in you as a drinker, something that you’ll usually find if you’re holding a particularly expensive bottle of champagne. Sentio’s wines are quality, but without the price tag you might expect from first impressions.

Sentio’s land is in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene where Prosecoo Superiore DOCG is made.  Their Prosecco is made in the traditional Italian Martinotti-Charmat method, where the wine, sugars and yeasts are combined in the autoclaves and left for 30 days. The bubbles form over this time, but with Sentio there are lower sugar levels and a longer time in the autoclaves, producing a greater stability of the product with more delicate scents and a persistent perlage in the wine.

The incredible labels on these bottles are the work of the illustrator Elena Borghi. Within the detail of the illustration you’ll spot a rose, a flower that was once planted in front of the rows of vineyards because it was thought to warn of disease in the plants. The woman in the illustration has a majority of her face covered except for her mouth, which is considered a vehicle for the senses and the image overall is almost sensual, depicting a sense of sincere delight, ready to inebriate with the simplicity and elegance of wine. We like to think of her as the Goddess of Prosecco.

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