Soda Folk

London, UK


"My home state of Colorado is famous for its skilled craft-brewers, so we teamed up with a little brewery high in the Rocky Mountains to help us produce Soda Folk. Made in small batches, using only the highest quality ingredients, we think they’re the Best soft drinks around. And we’re pretty sure you will, too." - Ken Graham, Soda Folk Founder.

Soda Folk is a range of traditional American soft drinks. Their products are all-natural, free from preservatives, and made with the best ingredients, such as Madagascan bourbon vanilla, organic maple syrup, and cane sugar. Each drink is packaged in 330ml cans. Soda Folk branding celebrates the “uncommon folk that helped inspire their business.


Root Beer: We make our root beer using a careful mix of ex-tracts, organic vanilla, cane sugar, and pure maple syrup.

Cream Soda: Made with a blend of Madagascan vanilla ex-tracts, this cream soda has a rich, creamy taste, with a bit of cedar and smokiness that give it depth.

Orange Soda: Made with real Mandarin Oranges, tangy and completely addictive, with only 80 calories per can.

Cherry Soda: Made with real Black Cherries, it’s a little tart, a little sweet and a lot delicious. With only 89 calories per can.

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$4 Seconds